Dalis is an honest and meaningful project that is the fruit of conviction and experience. The sincere conviction that we have much to contribute in the development of gluten-free products, a field of the food market with many areas capable of improvement and innovation for the benefit of the consumer. And our experience in the world of gluten-free food research, which is over a decade. During this time we have worked intensively to improve the quality of life of people with gluten sensitivity. And there have been many advances made on various fronts. That is why, by leaving our project in Chile in other hands, we have tackled this new business challenge (it is what we like the most!), Taking advantage of all the wealth of knowledge acquired and adapting it to the European reality.

The project consists of four fundamental pillars that inspire all our know-how:

Excellence, manifested in the quality of the products in their manufacturing process, from the selection of suppliers and care in their preparation to their packaging and presentation.

Innovation, understood as the willingness and ability to add value translated into tangible benefits for the consumer, applying all areas of the company to the task of adapting to customer needs.

Social economy, insofar as our products are designed and aimed at satisfying a segment of the population with special needs. Our work is aimed directly at creating well-being for them, and this creates a great responsibility of which we are very aware.

Rurality, We like to work from the authentic, settled on the ground and creating opportunities where these are scarce, highlighting areas full of potential where we create value.