Related to our commitment with social economy, since May 2019 Dalis subscribed the program of no food waste promoted by AECOC, the Association of Food Producers and Distributors;

Why did we join this program?

It is an efficient and sustainable growth model: we cannot allow 7.7 million tons of food to be wasted in Spain a year.

We can only reduce this amount of waste if all parts of the value chain (primary sector, industry and distribution) collaborate.

It is important that any project that combats food waste has the support and commitment of the industry and food distribution.

Wasting food means losses for everyone and therefore has a significant economic, social and environmental impact.

More than 400 companies in the sector support the initiative coordinated by AECOC, "Food has no waste" to reduce and optimize food waste at all stages of the food chain. Spain is the seventh country in Europe that throws more food in the trash, almost 1,500 million Kg per year.

Radiography of Food Waste in Spain

According to the data provided by nearly a hundred companies in the industry and food distribution integrated into the project, 1.79% of the products are never commercialized. There are several reasons: deterioration of the containers, labeling errors, expiring consumption date. Of this percentage, 56.35% is fit for human consumption, of which only 32.27% is donated.

That it is why, from now on, we implement measures consistent with this commitment, to optimize the manufacturing processes and carry out a rational management of potential surpluses that can be exploited by people who need it.

Because with many grains of sand we can form a beach.