The "Presura 2020" repopulation bus has stopped this Tuesday, July 21 in Santa Colomba de Somoza with its message that "The rural is the vanguard". He has just started his summer tour of and has 8,000 km ahead of about 40 towns in depopulated Spain to support with his presence all the people who fight for their town to have a better future.

Marcela Miranda, manager of the company Alimentos Dalis put the note of optimism. He explained that from his point of view, among the fortresses of the region is "the entire Maragata tradition, from the artisans to the muleteers." On the other side of the scale, he indicated that the main weakness that he observes is "the lack of a critical mass" although projects such as the CAM (Centro Artesanal Maragato) "fulfill the objective of attracting people and talent.